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BIO TRINITY is a holy symbol worn and carried by Masters from many Traditions, many backgrounds. BioTrinity enlivens the Three Great Rays: the Ray of Knowledge, the Ray of Love and the Ray of Purity. These three Rays may be seen radiating from the tips of the BioTrinity. The hole within BioTrinity offers a doorway--a doorway through which the Mighty Flame of God's Fiery Vision may enter. BioTrinity awakens the Sight of the Almighty, the Vision unlimited, unrestricted.

What Lantos has said about the BioTrinity:

The BioTrinity is a Holy symbol. It is a symbol that, when worn, brings about a great focusing of the Fiery Rays of Truth. Truth triumphs; Light is Victorious. Let us offer our assistance to America in this way. As the Light increases, the darkness is removed.

BioTrinity is the sight of the Almighty. BioTrinity awakens in society the sight of the Almighty--the vision unlimited--unrestricted. These are times wherein great vision is required.... The BioTrinity is a symbol of such purity--great purity, and great power. It is surely a Tool for these times.

How to use the BioTrinity

When using on yourself: Simply wear the BioTrinity. This will strengthen the Three Great Rays within you, will awaken within you great vision, and will focus within you the Fiery Rays of Truth.

To benefit society: By day, wear the BioTrinity. By night, place the BioTrinity on or near a BioGenesis Pyramid. This will awaken within society great vision, great Light.


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