BioGenesis Wand of Genesis

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 The WAND OF GENESIS is a mighty tool of transformation. With this Tool we will smooth the rough areas; we will bridge the gaps, connecting the gaps. Yes, in a time of Transformation it is necessary to progress smoothly. The Wand redirects currents of energy and removes voids of energy, whether they are in a person or in one's environment. Voids of energy act as physical roadblocks to all that is guided by the currents of energy. 

What Lantos Has Said About the Wand of Genesis: All that is guided by the currents of energy--the principle of motion--all such activities will be strengthened. Let us take the principle of wealth. Wealth arises out of the flow of energy currents moving through the physical plane. Let these currents be directed towards the home, towards the land. We remove the obstacles; we remove the detours. Your home, your land, will either serve to support the accumulation of wealth, or it will offer resistance to this Mighty and Dynamic Sepulcher of Life. We must set the conditions for support. All areas of life must receive support--this is our desire for you.

Now, take this Wand and place it inside or outside, wherever there is a void. If it is outside, put it in the Earth--DO NOT let it be exposed. If it is inside, keep it hidden from view. You will see greatest results when the Wand is placed into a void of energy, the spot where the streams of energy avoid. Walk around the house; you will notice these points of vacancy.

How to Use the Wand of Genesis

Simply sit or lie down quietly and hold the Wand with both hands over the heart or in your lap.  You may do this for just a few minutes several times throughout the day, or you may sit and hold the Wand for 20-30 minutes or longer, as desired.

If you are trying to accomplish a goal or a task, and seem to keep running into roadblocks, place the Wand of Genesis in an area that may represent the goal. For example, if you are trying to get a new job, place the Wand in a file or drawer in which you store your job hunt information--job listings, résumés, etc. If you are a business trying to increase sales, place the Wand in your cash register drawer or in your receivables file. If you are trying to sell or rent your home or office, hide the Wand in a front room (e.g., place it in a drawer or behind books in a bookshelf).

Use in the environment to strengthen support: Place the Wand in an area of relevance. You may bury the Wand at the entrance to your home or office. You may place the Wand on a picture of a person who needs support.

When using in a BioGenesis Session: The Wand is the final BioGenesis Tool to be used in a BioGenesis Session. Use it after you have completed using the Flame of Genesis. Wave the Wand of Genesis around the person's body; use a brushing motion around his/her body. At the very end of the session, let the person hold the Wand of Genesis in his/her hand.

Wand Prosperity Treatment  "Let us offer our assistance of the currents of energy responsible for prosperity.  In the evening after you have made preparations for bed, sit quietly, holding the Wand of Genesis in both hands.  Envision the flowing currents of Light and Energy responsible for generating wealth and prosperity in society.  Do this for a minute or two.  Not only will this bring about an increase in personal prosperity, but this simple exercise will also bring about an increase in prosperity for society.  The events of chaos which have occurred in recent years have interrupted the smooth flow of these generative forces of energy. It is important now that we offer our assistance in this way.  Thank you blessed Messengers of Light.  Many Blessings."

Remember to keep the Wand covered when not in use. 

I encourage folks to keep it in its cardboard container.









hands for a short period of time (usually about 20-30 seconds).

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