BioGenesis Wings of Genesis

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The BioGenesis WINGS OF GENESIS may be used as support in addressing the misdirected growth of cells, as well as addictions.

How to use the Wings of Genesis:

Place the Wings of Genesis in a container of water; the container may be a cup, a pitcher, or any other container. (Please be careful when placing the Wings of Genesis in a glass container, such as a glass pitcher or a drinking glass, as the tip of the Wings of Genesis is fragile and may chip. Here at Glory B we just leave it inside our large ceramic 5 gal gallon water dispenser for spring bottled water all the time for ease in handling.  Whenever we add a new bottle of water we check to see its condition.)

Leave the Wings of Genesis in the container of water overnight, then drink the water in the morning. You may drink the water throughout the day, but the most important time to drink the water is in the morning.

You may also place the Wings of Genesis in a container of water in the morning, and drink the water in the evening.

Place the BioAmplifier next to the container of water in which you have placed the Wings of Genesis; make sure that the oval face of the BioAmplifier is facing towards the container of water. This will amplify the effects of the Genesis Energy within the drinking water.

Also, it is helpful to sleep in the presence of the BioGenesis Pyramid when you are drinking the Wings of Genesis water.

If you have placed the Wings of Genesis in a drinking glass, please be sure to remove the Wings of Genesis prior to drinking the water.

Please Note: The Wings of Genesis does not purify the water, nor does it change the water in any physical way. The Wings of Genesis only adds the Genesis Energy to the water. There is no lead in the Wings of Genesis, therefore it does not add lead to your water.

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