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The Shield of Genesis helps bring protection from negativity and disease. The Shield of Genesis acts as your bodyguard.

The Shield of Genesis comes in two sizes: large and small. The large Shield should be used by all adults, while the small Shield should be used by children who have not yet begun to drive cars and by elderly persons who have retired from day-to-day obligations (including driving cars).

What Lantos Has Said About the Shield of Genesis:

"The Shield of Genesis.  Let us discuss now the Shield. The birth of creation is expressed through the cycles of initial rotation--the sequence of initial transformations. Having completed the cycles of primary rotation, the operator, or shall we say the Creator, enters into this vibrant arena, newly created, self-radiant. Upon entering the creation, the Creator breaths a sigh of fulfillment--ah, it is done. Through the breath of the Creator a shield is generated, encasing this precious creation in a nearly transparent bubble-like form. It is of this Shield we now speak. It is the Shield of Genesis, the Shield of Creation. It is born of the expression of fulfillment of the mighty all-seeing Creator, the Lord of the Universe, the Master of all things. The Shield is the expression of the all-powerful nature of fulfillment. The Shield is the final stage of the initial sequence of creation. The Shield represents completion, totality."

How to use the Shield of Genesis:

For protection: ....."We are entering the time of transformation.  Strength is required during this time. Wear or carry with you the Shield of Genesis"... keep it in a pocket. ......I like to wear this on a sturdy chain 24/7, even when showering.

Daily use of the Shield:

"This simple process gives great protection. Do it every day on every member of the family. It is very good that this technique for protection has come to the people at this time. Do this every day! Teach this to all Custodians of the Light."

For added protection against negativity and disease: Use the following daily method involving the Shield of Genesis with the Flame of Genesis and then with the Pendant of Eternal Light.

 First step hold the Shield of Genesis two or three inches above the head.

Then take the Flame of Genesis and direct it through the Shield towards the head. Slowly move down the front of the body with the Flame directed through the Shield until you reach the ground. This only takes a few seconds.  

Now, repeat this process, starting above the head and slowly traveling down the right side of the body to the ground. 

Repeat for the left side and then for the back. (If you are doing this method on yourself, when it comes time to repeat this process for your back side, simply say: “Back” and then go down your front.)

 Next step do the same steps as above but hold the Pendant of Eternal Light instead of the Shield.

Do this every day!

 *You may also do this procedure on photographs of persons."


about approaching tornados   ".....If you hear the tornado winds approaching, hang a Shield above the front door.  You may even use tape if it is a great hurry or simply place it on the  floor by the front door.  Yes, the winds of purification are blowing strongly in this period of advancement.  It is Very Important to Keep Safe.  Always carry a Shield as you travel...."





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