HOUSE PLANTS & ANIMALS brings the sense of a natural environment

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HOUSE PLANTS & ANIMALS flower essence blend is used to give your house plants & animals vitality.

For indoor house plants put  a few drops on the soil & say: “You are strong.”

This brings indoor houseplants the feeling of a natural environment to ensure health and longevity. Use when your houseplant looks sick or sad.

For your domestic animal (such as dog or cat): place a few drops on their fur and say "You are strong"  not for birds or fish.

50 ml. preserved in sunflower oil and alcohol

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My Plants Love It!
Written by Annie, Santa Barbara on 16th Nov 2010

I love my plants and always look for whatever may make them healthier. When I used this essence I noticed a change overnight. The next morning they looked more vibrant and stronger--I would almost say happier!

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