STANDING IN STRENGTH use when times seem tough

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STANDING IN STRENGTH flower essence blend is used to stand in strength emotionally when living in difficult times. When times seem tough.

Use topically. Put 3 drops on body; 1 on heart and 1 on each shoulder then say: "I move forward with strength". You can place on additional areas where needed.

This can be used multiple times during the day. You will stand strong, determined and with resolve. You will be less influenced by external or environmental circumstances.  

Some suggested times to use:   .....when loved ones are in the hospital or dying ......when you lose your job ......when you are on trial or will be taking a difficult exam          

Suggested ages:  12 years on up    50 ml.    preserved in sunflower oil and alcohol 

"STANDING IN STRENGTH ...gaining courage & strength to tackle

the opportunities and complications of the day;

having calmness to move forward with determination"

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