LIFE IS A BREEZE Use when you want to cheer yourself up...so easy

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LIFE IS A BREEZE flower essence blend WOW!! This is one of our favorite blends! Let Go and Be Happy!

When used.... gosh all of a sudden your fears will fall off. You'll be happy. Many folks start hearing a favorite song at this point. Try it and you'll like it! This is a flower essence that even hesitant people don't mind trying. Use when you want to cheer yourself up.

Place a few drops on your wrists and then say: "My life is a breeze!" Use when you want joyfulness. For all ages.

50 ml. preserved with alcohol


"Immediate uplifting of my spirit, to accept and manage the challenges of the day"

"taking it daily gives you pause for new bolder outlooks, better than expected & easily accomplished!"

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Written by Annie, Santa Barbara CA on 17th Nov 2010

The name really says it all! If I am stressed, running around or feeling overwhelmed when I take Life is a Breeze everything stops. I am suddenly calm, happy and in tune with the 'good things' again...

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