INSTINCTUAL ROOTS gives a sense of complete calm and clarity

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INSTINCTUAL ROOTS this flower essence blend helps you to feel secure about your mental perceptions. Once you feel aligned in your core, you will be centered enough so that you can focus. From there you will be able to tap into your inner knowing and be able to make clear, wise decisions. This will wake up your instinctual cellular memory.

This gives a sense of complete calm and clarity. A strength connected to a profound sense of wisdom and remembering. To wake up your cellular memory.

Rub a few drops on your body and say: "I am connected to my instincts." Afterwards, take a moment to observe. Will enhance sensory perceptions.

for all ages    50 ml. preserved in sunflower oil and alcohol

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Awakened my sleeping dragon
Written by Annie, Santa Barbara CA on 17th Nov 2010

Recently I have been working with the Black Moon Lilith archetype and this essence was powerful in bringing up past life memories that relate to this divine power. I am grateful to the creator!

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