CELEBRATE LIFE acknowledge that the blessings are here

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CELEBRATE LIFE flower essence blend is used to open to a new level of experiencing your life. Enjoy this very moment as a sacred new beginning.

Put a few drops in a glass with bottled water or juice. Then toast by yourself or with another person(s) and say the affirmation "Let's celebrate life!".

Acknowledge that this very moment as being extremely sacred and wonderful! You can take this flower essence by yourself to express your enthusiasm for life. When taking this you announce that you are open to living a passionate life, truly engaged while being here on earth!

Take time in your journey through life to realize the blessings that are at hand. Make the choice to savor opportunity and loving life! Great to do at special occasions such as a wedding or on birthdays or anytime you want to enjoy the sanctity of life. 50 ml. preserved in alcohol

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