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Glory B Flower Essence blends offers the unusual “life force” present at Namasté Santuario provide help for wide age range (children, teens, & adults) are created only from the organically grown flowers at Namasté Santuario are blessed by all of Nature encapsulate the noticeable beauty of Santa Barbara (a sweet & strong energy) are made with love every step along the way! 

What you will smell and/or taste in Glory B Flower Essences: These flower essences will not have floral fragrances that are found in essential oils. You will notice the preservative smell/taste of organic alcohol, vinegar and/or oils. These remedies hold the energetic template of flowers…that is the very essence of what they are.

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Additional information:

please contact us at: info@glorybessences.com or by calling 805.687.4123