How do you make Glory B Flower Essence Blends?

Glory B Flower Essence Blendsare made by combining many of these flower essences in special steps that include prayers. The final result is a “blend of blends”. A variety of ingredients are used in bottling. You will not taste or smell flowers.  You will taste the organic alcohol, organic vinegar or organic oil that is used as preservatives.  

Take a look at this video to see how Glory B Flower Essences are made.




How to use Glory B Flower Essences?You will find the suggested use on each bottle. This is the most common way to use that particular essence. I recommend using the flower essence as suggested before trying a variation.

When taking the flower essence be sure to say the affirmation that you find on the label on the bottle.  When you speak these words, you are broadcasting your desire and will increase the potential.

The directions are written in both English and Spanish.  I have done this due to the high popularity of esencias florales (flower essences) among Latinos. They are frequently in Mexico and South America. Here is the Spanish website

I only useorganic ingredients. What you taste or smell will be organic alcohol, organic vinegar or organic oils plus spring water.

When you add drops to drink in a glass of water I suggest using pure bottled spring water that has not come from municipal water sources.  The water should be free of chlorine and fluoride. Once water has been chemically contaminated its energy is not conducive to containing the flower essence energy. I prefer not using distilled water because that comes from municipal water. If you are in a situation that you do not have pure bottled spring water on hand you could substitute another healthy liquid. I also suggest using real glass to drink from. Plastic is chemically derived and can dissolve into the water. Again you want to protect the energy of the pure flower essence.

When using
flower essences in a bath, be sure not to have soap or anything else but water in the tub. The main thing to realize is that you do not want to contaminate the ingredients. If that should happen, the water in the bath tub would no longer contain a pure flower essence.

Do not take off capand mix other ingredients into the flower essence bottle. This would alter the energy of the flower essence blend.  Again flower essences are user friendly…they never interfere with other remedies you may be using.

What is the difference between essential oils and Flower Essences?
Unlike essential oils, you will not taste or smell the flowers.  Remember that all flower essences differ from essential oils in that oils are made through steam distillation whereas flower essences are made as an herbal infusion. 

Why ship Fed Ex?
That would certainly disrupt the sensitive energy of flower essences and probably annihilate their effectiveness. Not all packages sent through the post office are irradiated but I don’t want yours to be one of them. It is a question of hit and miss of which packages will be hit.

I want to send you the carefully created flower essences in the best protected way…and at this time it will be via FedEx.

How do I choose which flower essence I need?
You will find specific blends for children, emotional aid, physical support for all ages…plus flower essence blends for anointing, transformation, special occasions…from these you can click compare to narrow your choices.

Many folks say a little prayer before starting and ask to be shown which is the best one for them or their family at this time.  Have faith the appropriate one will ring true for you!

We want to function in greater health & rhythm. As always Nature provides what we need. We just have to realize how to find the solution & use it. These flower essences are true answers.

*The Transformation Set is only sold as a complete set and is used in a specialized protocol.  You will need to have them all as you move through the renewing process.
What is Namasté Santuario?

Glory B Flower Essences are made only from our own organically certified flowers grown at our private sanctuary, Namasté Santuario here in the foothills of Santa Barbara. I am proud that our sanctuary is a certified organic farm by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and that Glory B Flower Essence Blends are officially certified organic by CCOF and USDA.

My intentions for Namasté Santuario are:
1) To position all plants so that the garden, as a unit, will radiate a balancing and harmonizing energy to positively affect the planet.
2) To make special healing remedies from the flowers and plants

Now, after 25 years as steward of this sanctuary, these intentions have become a reality. This lovely Santa Barbara garden has become a site of unusual plants that abound in beauty! The wonderful healing energy held within its flowers is the only source of  Glory B Flower Essences.

Glory B Flower Essences is an internet based business offering “a healing garden in a bottle”.We organically grow our own flowers in a nature sanctuary, create the flower essences, make the blends and do the bottling on site. I only offer blends of flower essences (compared to single flower essences). All added ingredients are certified organic. You will notice the high quality violet Miron bottles fromEurope. They protect the flower essence energy.

All if this you won’t find elsewhere! This all comes as a gift from the Nature at Namaste Santuario. Yes, we and the world herself are going through a big transformational shift. These flower essence blends offer us the support to become balanced as we evolve.

It is a cumulative effort of 25+ years. I am honored with the results.

I wish you wonderful health and hope that you will find greater results and blessings from these flower essences than you ever expected …...I did!

A note from Glorianna…
All of the names and information about Glory B Flower Essences are my choice of words describing the feelings I sense while using the essences… when you try them for yourself, you will see that words alone can not describe their potency.

This is not a scientific approach as approved by the FDA.  It is not meant to replace the required medical assistance you may need.