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BioGenesis Pendant of Eternal Light

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Lantos said, The Pendant of Eternal Light is a Tool of Great and Timely Significance…. We are placing the dynamics of creation, the process of creating, in the hands of many. We are generating the influence of the enlivenment for that value of creation which is responsible for complete diversity of all of existence. We are harnessing the nature of Eternal Light in a small, small device. The precious Pendant of Eternal Light will greatly strengthen the signal.....more quickly desires are fulfilled.  The Pendant of Eternal light is a great healer....many blessing are received.

How to use: Hold the Pendant in the palm of the hand. You may hold the BioTranslator in the other hand or place the BioTranslator on a nearby table. State your desire simply.  You can also increase the range of influence by combining the BioAmplifier.  The Bio Amplifier maintains its value as a loud speaker.  The results and range are increased. You may repeat this process many times.  There is no daily limit to the Fulfillment of Desires.

Wear the Pendant of Eternal Light around the neck...this enlivens the Process of Creation.

Use this before eating at a restaurant.....the food is a most basic element of the lives. Even at a restaurant it will be good to hold our Beloved Pendant of Eternal Light above your plate before you begin to eat.  Always, we offer thanks to the Blessed Great Beings of Light.  Food is a gift. Nourishment is a gift.  We are Blessed to receive these gifts.

Peaceful Relaxation before bed. Enjoy 5 to 10 minutes by holding the Pendant of Eternal Light and you can in addition hold any BioTrinity.  Stay quiet for a few minutes.  Then place the tools near to you while you sleep.  You will receive very great Blessings at this time.



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Extra-ordinary fast results
Written by Glorianna Buynak on 10th Feb 2011

I've noticed that what I have asked for as a desire is heard by the Creator instantaneously. So I'm careful in what I ask for. For example when I was present while a person was hemorrhaging I simply said "She needs help NOW!" The bleeding stopped in about 3 minutes.

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